Building security is a major part of safety.

Easy to use, easy to set up access control from ProDataKey

Building security is a major part of safety.

And safety that doesn’t require a second thought is what ProDataKey (PDK) is all about.

Whether you're managing a school, hospital or corporate office, the need for flexible and efficient access control can’t be overstated.

PDK delivers the goods with a comprehensive, award-winning, cloud-based access control solution that’ll make your building far more secure.

Simplified access control with PDK’s IO platform

The IO platform stands out with its simplicity (and integrations and scalability and more).

Being entirely cloud-based means users can manage access control from anywhere, at any time, using a desktop or mobile app.

The system can cater to whatever your clients need, in just a few clicks they can:

  • Manage users
  • Set access levels
  • Monitor entry points

Plus, all software and firmware updates are automatic so building management can be sure they’re operating with the latest features and continuous protection against the latest threats.

Not bad, huh?

A boatload of integrations for comprehensive security

One of the standout features of PDK's IO platform is its ability to integrate with a wide range of third-party systems.

Security doesn’t happen in a bubble after all, it’s multiple systems working together.

Whether it's video surveillance from Hanwha Vision or other leading brands, intercom systems from Invictus or HR solutions like Azure Active Directory, PDK IO can be tailored to meet the specific security needs of any organization.

That means you can offer security infrastructure that fits perfectly within existing systems, improving overall security without complicating operations.

Compatibility with hardware solutions, like wireless locksets from Aperio and power supplies from Altronix, further extends its versatility and ease of installation.


  • Video surveillance: Hanwha Vision, Turing, DW

  • Video intercom Systems: Invictus, My Video Intercom, MyDoorView

  • HR solutions: Azure Active Directory, Savance, Data Display

  • Site surveyors: System Surveyor

  • Hardware solutions: Altronix, Vigitron, Pedestal PRO

  • Wireless Locksets: Aperio

Get more details on each integration

User-friendly and scalable solutions

Different organizations have different needs.

We get that.

ProDataKey gets that.

That's why the PDK IO platform is designed to be scalable, accommodating everything from small businesses to large enterprises.

The system can be easily customized to meet the requirements of each project and can be expanded or downsized as needed.

For contractors, the ease of installation is a big ol’ advantage.

PDK's plug-and-play design, combined with features like controller self-discovery and onboard power capabilities, allows the system to be set up quickly and efficiently, reducing install time and minimizing disruptions to client operations.

Installation features:

  • Plug-and-Play Design: Quick and easy setup, like that Ronco set-it-and-forget-it infomercial
  • Controller Self-Discovery: Simplifies the configuration process
  • Onboard Power Capabilities: Reduces the need for additional power supplies
  • Built-in System Health Monitoring: Ensures the system is always running optimally

What are you waiting for?

ProDataKey and its IO platform are the gold standard in modern access control.

Cloud-based, easy of use and seamless integration capabilities make it a go-to tool for enhancing security in any industry.

Whether you're a contractor looking to expand your offerings or an organization in need of an access control upgrade, PDK is the solution.

There’s a reason they’ve been ranked as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the Mountain West for 8 years in a row now.

Give us a call and learn about how you can upgrade your security infrastructure today with ProDataKey's innovative IO platform and deliver the benefits of simplified, comprehensive access control to your clients.

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