Get Ready for SYSTIMAX and AtlasIED Upgrades

The Latest in Networks and Audio Solutions from Two Juggernauts

We’ve got a twofer of updates for you; both CommScope and AtlasIED are rolling out new solutions and upgrades to improve your projects. Let’s dive into CommScope’s addition to SYSTIMAX first.

Unleash Your Network's Potential with GigaSPEED XL5® from CommScope: The Copper Cabling Solution

The ever-growing demand for bandwidth is pushing the boundaries of network infrastructure. To keep pace with this relentless advancement, SYSTIMAX is introducing GigaSPEED XL5, the latest addition to the GigaSPEED family. This innovative copper cabling solution caters to the evolving needs of modern networks, offering assured application performance for 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T applications, up to 100 meters in channel length.

NOTE: This is not a Cat 6A solution; for that, you’ll want GigaSPEED X10D®.

XL5 bridges the gap between XL and X10D, making it an ideal choice for organizations and projects that require a speed boost up to 5 Gbps but without an immediate need for a full 10 Gbps upgrade. Think of it as a middle ground where you can affordably support 2.5 to 5 Gbps applications.

What Makes XL5 Performance Superior?

At the heart of GigaSPEED XL5 lies the patented variable twist and strand technology from SYSTIMAX, borrowed from its high-performing sibling, GigaSPEED X10D.

This technology significantly improves internal and alien crosstalk performance, ensuring reliable data transmission in demanding environments and eliminating the need for mitigation strategies or component upgrades.

GigaSPEED XL5: A Sustainable Choice for the Future?

Beyond its exceptional performance capabilities, GigaSPEED XL5 prioritizes sustainability. By providing the required back-haul performance for the latest Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E WAPs, XL5 provides a longer lifespan than traditional Cat 6.

In other words, future-proof design means you can defer the rip and replace and defer network infrastructure upgrades, minimizing your carbon footprint while simultaneously embracing technological advancements.

Seamless Integration and Easy Deployment

The good news for existing GigaSPEED XL users is that XL5 seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure. The installation and testing procedures remain identical, requiring no additional steps to certify your network for 5 Gbps applications. This translates to cost-effective deployment and minimal disruption to your existing operations.

When is it Available? The Future of Copper Cabling is (Almost) Here

GigaSPEED XL5 is available starting Q2 2024 in various popular jacket colors.

Looking to unlock the potential of your network with GigaSPEED XL5?

When you’re ready, let’s talk about how to bring this solution to your next project.

Additional XL5 Notes

Training requirements are identical to those for the existing GigaSPEED XL solution.

Safety listings for XL5 are also identical:

  • 1081B: CMR (riser) rated
  • 2081B: CMP (plenum) rated
  • 3081B: LSZH (IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3, CPR -Dca, Cca, Bca) rated

Firmware Update for Atmosphere™ from AtlasIED

This is a bit of a teaser because the v3.5 firmware update isn’t available just yet but it will be soon.

Sign up here to upgrade your audio platform as soon as the new features and firmware are available.

In the meantime, we’ll be sharing behind-the-curtain information on what you can expect from version 3.5 as soon as we have it.

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