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Discover how Digital Electricity™ creates a smarter network and allows you to safely send higher voltages over long distances.

Build an intelligent, better- connected network and make smarter decisions 

Devices, devices, devices. When talking about network cabling, the conversation will always find its way into the world of devices and the bandwidth required to accommodate all of them (and more). But having network support and world-beating speed is one thing, the flipside of devices is data – and how to harness it.

That’s where VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ comes in.

We’re just at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution and on the cusp of a data revolution where we can make smarter decisions, faster.

Fault-managed power from VoltServer is what gets you there.

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Introducing Digital Electricity from VolServer- The Backbone of Power and Data Infrastructure

Also known as Class 4 power and fault-managed power systems, Digital Electricity was pioneered by VoltServer, the first company to commercialize electricity distribution in a natively digital format.

The immediate benefits:

  • 30% reduction in electrical costs
  • 20% lower operating expenses
  • 7% increase in energy efficiency

Those benefits are of course on the power side, how does it dovetail with data?

Digital Electricity means sending higher voltages and data over one cable; 1,000 watts of AC or DC power up to 500 meters.

That translates to a cable that not only links all IoT devices but also helps aggregate data, allowing your clients and customers to collect, analyze and action information faster than ever before.

IoT and Digital Electricity- Enhanced Connectivity for Iron Clad Decision-Making

The trend towards pulling data from everything is only going to expand with IoT sensors being incorporated everywhere. You can only make data-driven decisions with, well, data.

And confidence in those decisions increases with more data.

That data could be temperature data, it could be motion, it could be humidity, it could be vibrations in machinery, it could be anything.

Data flowing through an interconnected system makes collection and aggregation nearly effortless.

Adding and powering those data sources has never been easier, or safer.

How does Digital Electricity from VoltServer work?

As they put it;

“Class 4 Power is safer and more sustainable than other classifications. The portion of the wiring system between the load side of the Class 4 transmitter and the Class 4 receiver or Class 4 utilization equipment, as appropriate. Due to the active monitoring and control of the voltage and current provided, a Class 4 circuit considers safety from a fire initiation standpoint and provides acceptable protections from electric shock.”

This is where fault-managed power comes in so let’s unpack it further.

Active self-monitoring means the system will cut power on its own – within milliseconds – when it detects a fault, making the cables safe from any accidental touch.

The fact that these function essentially as low-voltage power sources means they can be dropped by non-electricians, read: no license, conduit or separation required.

So, you can drop this hybrid cable where we need it when we need it and start connecting devices making network accessibility stupidly simple.

Digital Electricity in Practice

Increasing productivity and improving decision-making are atop every manager's wish list, here are a few ways VoltServer gets you there:

  • Improve performance and monitor Ruckus network switches
  • Connect Hanwha cameras and enhance surveillance, worker safety, quality control and more
  • Add access control and keep tabs on gated work areas, tool cribs and the like

Whether it’s smart buildings like Circa in Las Vegas or industrial transformation in our backyard to reduce complexity, Digital Electricity is the future of powering connected devices.

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