Manage all of your surveillance cameras, locations and footage – from anywhere

OnCloud: The direct-to-cloud video management system from Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision™ has unveiled its innovative OnCloud system, a cloud-based video management system that offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability and security.

Allowing you to access live video feeds and recorded footage from your desktop, laptop or even your phone and eliminating the need for a dedicated server or bulky on-premises storage devices.

The ideal surveillance solution for businesses of all sizes – in any industry – and supports 150+ Hanwha Vision camera models, so you’re never limited.

Accessibility + scalability

Being able to intuitively centralize management and access all your cameras and locations in one place is great, but how easy is it to get started with OnCloud?

Getting set up is a breeze as it’s natively compatible with your existing Hanwha Vision cameras or you can connect any ONVIF device via their cloud gateway box.

As your security needs evolve, you can easily add more cameras or storage to your OnCloud plan, ensuring your system grows alongside your business.

Installing and scaling a video management system has never been simpler.

Security that ticks all the boxes

The biggest concern with any cloud-based system is the ability to protect sensitive data.

In other words, can you trust it?

Hanwha Vision understands that and has built rigorous security into its Cloud Portal:

  • Two-factor authentication – Multiple layers of authentication for trusted devices

  • Encryption – Video encryption keeps footage safe and secure at all times

  • Privacy modes – control exactly who can and can’t view footage

A smarter way to manage video

Centralizing and clearing up some space is one thing, having an ultra-low latency video management system that can make your entire operation better is another.

With OnCloud you can set trigger alarms that will send immediate notifications when a person, object or intrusion is detected.

Eliminate the need to manually sift through hours of video and effortlessly search for specific footage by time, location, detected object and more, saving you valuable time and resources.

When an incident does happen, you can manage the case from OnCloud, pulling, adding notes and supporting docs and inviting key collaborators as needed.

A significant leap forward for video management systems

Hanwha Vision has put together something special with OnCloud.

The cloud-based architecture, intuitive interface and robust feature set make it an ideal solution for businesses seeking a modern, secure and scalable surveillance solution.

Stay tuned for more information!

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