What you need to know about remote powering

June's Lunch and Learn is all about remote power solutions, check out the live, in-house demos we have set up for you.  

It’s a new era of power, where we’re reaching well beyond the distances we thought possible before and powering them in a more simplistic, safe way than we've ever considered before.

Don’t miss the June 20, 2024* edition of our Lunch & Learn where we’ll show next-gen remote power solutions with working demos of the following:

  • CommScope® – An end-to-end solution for building an entire network
  • VoltServer TM – Power and data over one structured cable
  • VertivTM – Uninterruptible power supplies
  • DITEK® – Surge protection

**Our Lunch and Learn event will be hosted from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our headquarters in New Berlin**

Let’s get into a little appetizer on how each brings peace of mind to a project.

CommScope® – A complete network solution

Demo highlights

  • Constellation® platform

  • *NEW* PoE extenders

  • *NEW* GigaREACH XL cable

There’s a certain comfort in being able to build your network with one vendor rather than piecing together a hodge-podge of various parts, no? Just feels good.

From cable to power to data transmission, all-in-one.

And as networks grow in scope, reach and power needs, CommScope is there to grow with you.

Starting with SYSTIMAX® and the Constellation® building edge infrastructure platform with its flexible power/data solution.

Combining data transmission with fault managed i.e., safer power that can be sent 10 times more power, five times further than conventional LAN/IP networks.

Their Constellation Points were initially built for drop ceiling mounting, CommScope recently unveiled a more utilitarian format that can be put into a 19-inch rack, making it nearly universally mountable.

What if you need to send power and data even further like if you have a security camera at the far end of a parking lot?

PoE extenders for powered fiber to the rescue. Power and data pass right through, extending your reach by 500 meters.

For shorter distances, CommScope is rolling out an entirely new cable – the GigaREACH XL, supporting:

  • 100Mbps Ethernet and 90W PoE up to 200 meters
  • 1Gbps Ethernet and 90W PoE up to 150 meters (50% longer than Cat 6)
  • 10Mbps Ethernet and 90W PoE up to 250 meters

VoltServer™ – Send power and data on one cable with Digital Electricity™

Demo highlight

  • Implementing Digital Electricity in your office and production floor

We can’t talk about power and data transmission without talking about the pioneers of Digital Electricity – VoltServer.

Especially when it comes to office and production floor applications.

How does being able to send 1,000 watts of AC or DC power up to 500 meters with one cable sound?

That’s what Digital Electricity guarantees.

Also known as Class 4 power and fault-managed power systems, it packs immediate perks for anyone’s bottom line:

  • 30% reduction in electrical costs

  • 20% lower operating expenses

  • 7% increase in energy efficiency

Being able to connect all the IoT devices in an office or manufacturing facility is one thing, being able to aggregate all of that data and turn it into instantly actionable information is another.

Here’s a quick example of just how many IoT devices and how much power/data runs through a typical production line:

Think of the increased efficiency and insights your customers would have access to by centralizing data and power.

On top of that Digital Electricity supports multiple services, devices and vendors so it can be implemented within existing networks.

Not to mention, fault-managed power is inherently safer because safety checks happen 500 times per second and when a fault is detected, power is cut instantaneously.

VertivTM – Uninterruptible power supplies, a trusty backup

Demo highlight

  • How to centralize your backup power

Adding an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to your installation is about peace of mind.

All network projects come with the expectation that they’ll stay up and running – a UPS from Vertiv is what ensures that’s the case.

The value comes in both the form of client comfort and, more importantly, zero network downtime.

Systems that sustain a business simply can’t go down, especially if your projects are healthcare-related.

As mentioned above, the beauty of Digital Electricity is that it allows you to bring powering back to a central location, which means you can centralize your power backup.

No need to purchase and maintain multiple uninterruptible power supplies at distant, remote locations.

DITEK® – Your first line of defense

Demo highlight

Let’s say you have a camera outside, hanging on a pole and keeping tabs on your inventory or parking lot. Great.

Lightning strikes. Not so great.

Not the pole but it hits nearby and all that energy has to go somewhere.

The cable running from the camera into your building is an excellent conductor and in a split second that energy goes from outside, straight into your building…frying pricey equipment along its path.

It’s a freak accident but it can be a costly one.

Back in 2020, Wisconsin got 8,812,327 lightning strikes and of all counties, Milwaukee got the most.

Protection from those surges, whatever the cause, is critical.

DITEK provides the answer with over 3 decades of experience designing and manufacturing surge protection solutions.

Pop into our office for a bite and to see how everything works on June 20, 2024.

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