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Building a Future-Proof Network: Introducing SYSTIMAX 2.0 from CommScope

As technology races forward, so too do the demands placed on networks. Whether it’s a bustling office, a connected campus or a sprawling data center, the need for speed, reliability and powered connectivity has never been greater. That's where SYSTIMAX 2.0 comes in, next-generation solutions from CommScope – the structured cabling titan – designed to meet the challenges of today's networks and tomorrow's.

Disruptive Demands Require Disruptive Solutions

What are the core demands most networks face?

  • Exponentially increasing connectivity
  • Growing network complexity
  • Power and data delivery
  • Migration to the edge
  • Sustainability

SYSTIMAX 2.0 is built around addressing exactly those disruptions, allowing you to create a network that seamlessly handles increasing bandwidth demands, adapts to changing needs and provides lighting speeds.

We’re talking about a whole portfolio of upgrades to CommScope’s already industry-leading products PLUS 360-degree support (we’ll elaborate on the next-level service below).


Evolution of GigaSPEED® XL and GigaSPEED® X10D

This is Cat 6 like you haven’t seen it before.

Roughly the same diameter cable as XL with 5x capacity and guarantees 2.5/5GbE performance up to 100m. Use the same installation tools and processes, get a massive upgrade in speed.

VisiPORT™ and imVision®

Never wonder about what’s going on anywhere in a network again. Real-time capacity monitoring and alerts from VisiPORT™, down to the port, enable you to assess and respond to opportunities and issues as they occur.

Minimal setup, a web-based UI and port sensors that work with standard patch cords mean you can be monitoring capacity in no time.

Meanwhile, with imVision® you’re getting standard-setting infrastructure intelligence for monitoring and tracking your entire network.

A dynamic duo for actionable, real-time insights. 


Evolution of CommScope’s existing powered fiber cabling

The era of edge infrastructure is upon us and hyperconnected buildings are fast becoming the rule, not the expectation.

At Capital Electric, we’ve been big on Constellation for a while now and love that their ceiling-based Constellation Points essentially render telecom rooms obsolete, a win on the sustainability front.

That’s just one part of it though, Constellation delivers 10 times more power and five times longer distances than conventional LAN/IP networks.


Evolution of LazrSPEED® OM4, LazrSPEED OM5, TeraSPEED® OS2, FiberGuide®, high- and ultra-density panels

Depending on project size, upgrading a network all at once might not be possible; think data centers and enterprise setups.

Propel offers a modular, high-density and ultra-low-loss platform supporting 400Gb, 800Gb, 1Tb and beyond.

SYSTIMAX Assurance™

Evolution of 25-Year Extended Warranty, Applications Assurance and WebTrak® online performance results

This is important.

CommScope of course has a sterling reputation but new can be scary.

That’s why a guarantee matters, a guarantee they call Assurance that takes the existing support and adds:

  • Digital warranty certificate 
  • 25-Year Application Assurance 
  • 25-Year Extended Product Warranty
  • Online product performance factory testing certificates 
  • On-site installation walkthrough & 24/7 live tech support 

Blanket protection and peace of mind you can’t find anywhere else.

Invest in the Future: Network Evolution Starts Now

In conclusion, CommScope Systimax 2.0 is not just a collection of products; it's a strategic investment in the future of your network and your organization. By unlocking unparalleled performance, robust monitoring and expert support, it empowers you to create a thriving digital environment where end users of any installation can truly excel. 

Take the first step towards a future-proof network – explore SYSTIMAX 2.0 today.

If you’re ready to talk next steps, book a call on our calendar.

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