Firmware updates keep AtlasIED Atmosphere on top

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The folks at AtlasIED® are the go-to brand for audio solutions for a reason and they’re doing everything but resting on their laurels to keep it that way.

The recent upgrades to their AtmosphereTM platform are a testament to their commitment to simplifying commercial audio.

Last month Version 3.1 was launched but let’s look back at their last update, which was only back in May.

Recap Version 3.0 updates

  • Support for AZMP4 and AZMP8 amplified system processors
    • Built-in Flexible Amplification: AZMP4 - 600W, AZMP8 - 1200W
    • Integrated intelligence, protection and advanced monitoring
    • All previous AZM features and functions work identically in AZMP powered models
    • Built-in Monitor Speaker
  • Support for X-ZPS Paging Accessory
    • Plug and Play Paging Station with 4.3" Touchscreen and Microphone
    • Zone Paging, Group Paging, All Call Paging
    • Built-in pre-announcement chimes
    • Full system controller
  • Sound Masking (Official Release)
    • Pink / White noise, Tilter Filter, traditional GEQ, and Perfect Fit GEQ
    • Weekly Scheduler with daily ramp up/down times
    • Enhanced Privacy supported through GPI and mobile Virtual Wall Controllers
  • System Self-Test and email notification (AZMP only)
    • Automatically put the system through a self-test and compare results to initial commissioning results
    • Measure DSP, Amp and Speaker Load performance
    • Notify system admins of any anomaly
  • Automatically create Source when Audio Accessory is connected
  • A-BT Bluetooth Accessory can now transmit Stereo audio (now default)
  • Streamlined Virtual Wall Controller to only show relevant controls
  • Additional API parameters added for individual Mix Sources
  • Any Action can now be triggered via Bell Scheduler
  • Miscellaneous optimizations, improvements and fixes

Not bad, huh?

From Version 3.0 to Version 3.1

Version 3.0 was genuinely next level and naturally, it’d be tough for this update to be as groundbreaking but Version 3.1 has some critical upgrades that are very noteworthy:

  • Icon support in GUI for Zones, Sources, and Groups
  • Icon support for X-ZPS Paging Stations
  • Miscellaneous optimizations, improvements and fixes

Seems pretty basic but read on for the good stuff.

Effortless sound masking

What got us most excited about Version 3.1 is what’s buried in the miscellaneous optimizations and improvements, namely sound masking which was taken to another level of ease.

Atmosphere was already the easiest tool for creating and deploying sound masks, it’s even simpler now.

Schedule up to 8 zones of up and down firing masks in minutes.

That’s more than double what previous controllers allowed!

Tune power with custom wattage per channel

Perhaps the most significant upgrade is the ability to tune available power like never before with control of the wattage you send to each channel.

The days of fixed wattage are over and you can use your amps exactly as you see fit.

Integrated, dynamic-channel amplification is a game-changer.

Does one room need less power than another? Send 50 watts there and 150 to the larger space and do away with the need for additional amps.

You decide where the power goes and when.

More flexibility lets you dial in power distribution for each channel on the amplifier just as you need it, without added cost.

Now’s the time to lock in your sound, reach out to us to get Atmosphere in your space

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