AtlasIED Launches Atmosphere™ 3.0

The Atmosphere platform was built with flexibility and simplicity at the forefront; the new processors AtlasIED just rolled out speak to that promise.

The 4- and 8-channel AZM line of zone audio processors offered a lot but lacked onboard power amplification.

Enter the new AZMP4 and AZMP8 models.

The same top-tier audio processing PLUS power, integrated amplification, and an onboard speaker for monitoring inputs and amp outputs.

In keeping with the flexibility mantra, AZMP4 allows 600 watts of power to be dynamically distributed across channels just as you need it – all from an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

With AZMP8 you’ll get 1,200 watts of power at your disposal. By the way, that ability to share power as you want to is massive.

Back in the day, amp channels would be dedicated to zones no matter how much power was actually needed. In many cases that would mean dedicating excess power to zones that didn’t require it, leading to shortages in other zones –  and the need to buy another amp. Now, you choose where the power goes!

Amps and power aside, let’s talk features and goodies.

Version 3.0 comes with comprehensive onboard sound masking including tuning, ramping, scheduling, commissioning, and enhanced privacy support for up-firing or down-firing speaker configurations.

Another unique feature of the AZMP4 & AZMP8 signal processors is self-diagnostic testing. What does that mean? You can schedule the processor to check on itself and ensure the entire system’s health speakers to accessories.

Of course, one of the best things about the Atmosphere platform is just how robust the accessories ecosystem is, allowing you to cater the system to your exact specs. That means plug-and-play controllers, zoned paging systems, ambient noise sensors and more.

Speaking of noise sensors, Atmosphere is AI-enabled to learn user preferences and make adjustments on its own (no audio gets captured, the automation is based on noise thresholds you set on the sensors).

The brand-spankin’ new X-ZPS zoned paging station deserves a shoutout here too. A sleek touchscreen display along with a gooseneck mic that’s as straightforward to use as it is to install; just plug it in and it’s good to go.

And all of this runs from a browser-based interface that requires no apps or operating system compatibility. In other words, it works with any browser on any computer.

Atmosphere gives you endless versatility and the freedom to customize the system to your demands. With AZMP4/8 you can save space by having your power and amps built right in.

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