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Premise Wiring

There’s a difference between just getting it done and getting it done right.

When it comes to premise wiring, network cabling, and data communication solutions, the products you install must be dependable and long-lasting. It's just as important to ensure that corners aren’t being cut and that quality isn’t sacrificed for the sake of finishing faster.

The easiest way to build trust with clients is to work with electrical products and cables you can trust. That’s where Hubbell® comes in.

Hubbell has been an electronic goods juggernaut for over a century; however in 2019 it methodically grew into a $4.6 billion company with nearly 20,000 employees. 

Not only was surpassing that 100-year mark an incredible feat, but it further emphasized the company's commitment to doing things the right way.

Their sheer size allows for consistent innovation, which has led to a portfolio that now includes 75+ brands with hundreds of reliable products. In addition, Hubbell offers an entire ecosystem of tools for contractors to utilize — from in-wall HDMI extenders to Cat6A jacks and more.

Whether it’s cables, connectors, patch cords or panels and beyond, Hubbell is clear-eyed in its focus to deliver premise wiring solutions that stand the test of time. Want our advice? Install today for peace of mind tomorrow.

For our electrical contractor friends, if you’d like additional insights on specific premise wiring tools shoot us a message and we’ll add you to our dedicated Hubbell list. 

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