Industry Leader increases installers’ confidence in reliable long-term performance.

Hubbell recently announced that to support the growth of its 10GBASE-T and emerging bandwidth intensive applications, such as 802.11ac and 802.11ax Wi-Fi as well as 4K UHD AV over IP, it will offer new Jacks and Plugs with Cobra-Lock Termination for secure connections in Category 6A applications.

Cobra-Lock is a punch-less termination method that locks wires into place and allows for easy re-termination up to 25 times by disengaging the lock with a small screwdriver.

Traditional punch-down terminations rely primarily on the connector contacts to retain the wires. With stiff, heavy Category 6A cable, this can create termination integrity issues after cables are dressed or active equipment is installed. This requires installers to return to re-terminate. Punch-down termination is also challenging to perform in high-density applications – there’s a lack of finger room and it’s difficult to see clearly.

Cobra-Lock reduces installer callbacks and increases end-user confidence in Category 6A systems by eliminating the punch-down process. Cobra-Lock termination is performed by hand and does not require any specialty tools. To improve termination speed, wire lacing is done away from the jack with the Cobra-Lock wire manager. All four pairs are terminated at once by hand with no chance of tool misalignment. Once terminated, the wires are held in place under constant compression for the remainder of the of the link service life.

You know can have confidence that your Category 6A terminations will remain intact after they complete their work with Cobra-Lock

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