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Provides Quotes in Excel Format

We know you typically get quotes in PDF format – it’s the de facto standard.

That’s all well and good, and they do tend to look sharp, but the issue is redundancy. For job costing, it can be (more like it is) a pain to jump back and forth between the notoriously difficult-to-edit PDF quote you’ve been provided and the spreadsheet where you’re haphazardly copying and pasting the data to actually cost out the rest of the job.

By delivering you an excel formatted quote, in addition to the PDF, you’re getting a document that melds right into your workflow. As well as an easier way to account for material costs.

Is this a game-changer? Not really. Can it reduce headaches and unnecessary annoyances? It sure can!

At the end of the day, it’s about using these modern conveniences to work smarter while simultaneously modernizing your processes. Having access to an excel formatted quote (or project-specific cabling) may seem small but the time savings and efficiencies they provide really add up over time.

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