Project-Specific Labeling Saves        the Day

The most elegant solutions are often the simplest ones, and project-specific labeling is a Capital Idea that falls squarely in that category.

If, for example, your spool of 12-strand fiber cable is supposed to go into the ceiling of room 345 on the third floor and you grab the spool meant for room 210 on the second floor, there’s going to be an issue.

How long before you realize you ran a cable that’s too short? More importantly, how long to undo or fix that mix-up, and at what cost?

Custom markings on each spool that highlights not only the destination of a cable but also its length can eliminate confusion. With the added clarity, you can turn pulling cable into a straightforward grab-and-go matter.

The more detailed the label, the less potential for mistakes.

Think of it like marking a body for surgery. Sure, it’s written on the charts that the left leg is the one to go, but there’s a reason they mark the actual leg, too. They do it to avoid catastrophic errors by making it painfully obvious which one to cut.

The stakes aren’t quite as high with cables, but no one likes wasting time on the job due to silly blunders.

Having your spools marked with precisely the details you need is a simple thing that genuinely goes a long way. When making your next order, have us label it for you too!

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