Upgraded J-Hooks from nVent Caddy

nVent CADDY listened to feedback on their most popular J-Hook and replaced it with an improved version.

Don’t worry it’s an automatic upgrade that won’t affect how you order your J-Hooks. It’s the same exact part number – CAT32HP (the new version can be identified by a “starburst” on the box label).

What stayed the same:

  • J shape
  • Cable retaining clip
  • 60 pounds load capacity

What’s new and improved:

  • Versa-Mount Technology
    • A unique bend radius provides multiple built-in installation and mounting methods to accommodate any job
      • Wall mount
      • Threaded rod mount
      • Ceiling/deck mount
    • Allows you to reduce SKUs by having one part instead of three

Along with that upgrade, nVent CADDY has modular components coming down the pipeline to increase the versatility of these handy hooks even more. Look out for:

  • J-Hook clip to flange
  • J-Hook clip to purlin
  • J-Hook clip to rod/wire
  • J-Hook clip to strut
  • J-Hook clip to pedestal
  • Ceiling mount prefabricated J-Hook trees
  • Flange mount prefabricated J-Hook trees
  • Wall mount prefabricated J-Hook trees

We’ve gotten our hands on these bad boys and can assure you they’re pretty damn great. No catch. No change to your ordering process. Just a better product.

Reach out to us to get your new batch of J-Hooks today.

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