Softing Now Offers Testers with Larger Screens

As networks get increasingly intricate, staying in control with equally dynamic diagnostic and troubleshooting tools is imperative.

Softing’s LinkXpert series is the ace up your sleeve when solving the most complex network issues.

The LinkXpert M3 is a true workhorse, allowing for analysis of copper, fiber and Wi-Fi networks – M3 meaning it's a three media multitool.

Meanwhile, LinkXpert TP is dedicated to the diagnostics of twisted pair (TP) copper cabling.

About M3

Testing is what keeps networks healthy and performing to their potential. The M3 can run comprehensive diagnostics no matter the type of network: copper, fiber or Wi-Fi.

On top of offering a boatload of tests that can be configured to meet your requirements, you also have the unique ability to use a video microscope for end-face evaluation.

With detection of 10Gbs networks and PoE load tests up to 90W/class 8, M3 is ready for just about anything regardless of network size.

About TP

TP brings clarity to the complex world of twisted pair LAN networks.

You have similar configuration capabilities and diagnostic tools as the M3 but specialized for copper cabling in smaller networks.

Equally intuitive with the same 5 ¼ color touch screen and rechargeable Li-Ion battery, twisted pair testing just got easier.

Check out the M3 and TP testers, and then give us a call to purchase yours.

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