Meet SureCall

Clone of Wi-Fi 7 is Coming

The quality of your in-building cell service makes a difference.

Whether it’s taking sales calls, receiving important emails or anything else that requires a connection, critical communication is constantly happening beyond the desk nowadays.

If your team is dealing with shoddy reception, dropped calls and noticing areas with poor signal aka dead zones, there’s a simple solution.


What’s SureCall?

SureCall offers signal boosters that are designed to improve cellular coverage, be it in your building or your outdoor spaces.

In other words, they resolve all those pesky signal issues (you may remember this from our last Lunch & Learn).

The core benefits of a SureCall system:

  • Improved coverage
  • Increased capacity
  • Better signal quality
  • Futureproofed and 5G ready
  • Scalable
  • Works with all carriers

Founded in 2001 and with innovation still at their core, it’s no surprise that SureCall is a leader in the space.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Wondering how it works?

Cell signal is boosted via what’s known as a distributed antenna system or DAS, which comes in two flavors, active and passive.

Passive DAS – A passive DAS uses the available signal from the cell towers and amplifies them within the building. This is the simplest of the two and requires minimal additional components. Install can be as short as a few hours.

Active DAS – An active DAS actually increases network capacity by communicating with the carrier but requires a lengthy approval process and a hefty price tag that can move into the millions.

Passive DAS is SureCall’s sweet spot and they have a host of solutions no matter the size of your company, from small and medium-sized buildings all the way to large enterprise infrastructure.

If uneven cell reception is making you uneasy, SureCall is a sure thing.

Give us a call to see which signal booster is right for you.

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