AtlasIED Makes Speakers Heard
Not Seen

Whether you’re remodeling a space, designing a new one or just upgrading… the speakers shouldn’t be the star of the show.

Sure, companies will try to make them look good. But we often go out of our way to keep them as low profile and hidden as possible.

While not all companies understand this, AtlasIED® does and has developed a line of Strategically Hidden Speakers.

A very appropriate name because, as they put it: “Strategically Hidden Speakers are designed to minimize aesthetic impact with only a small visible footprint.”

How do they work? A distinctive design means the driver is hidden in the ceiling with only a 3-inch adaptive dispersion lens sticking out to maintain wide audio coverage.

We’re fans of the 3T2 series in particular. Due to its smaller size, it can be mounted in a ceiling, a wall or as a pendant and easily connected via RJ45 ports. Match it with a Z series multi-zone sound masking controller and you’ve got yourself an unparalleled plug & play system.

Moreover, they offer a customization process through their DesignLab™ to camouflage any speaker in any environment. Check it out:

Be heard not seen with AtlasIED.

Click here to learn more about Strategically Hidden Speakers.

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