Demos and Best Practices in Our Service Center

Demos and Best Practices in Our Service Center

With continuous improvements over the years, today’s fusion splicing tech makes for a nearly foolproof process and almost guarantees success with each splice.

But almost isn’t good enough for your clients and a poor splice can create bigger problems down the road, ones which can lead to potentially pricey service calls.

To help ensure that you get the best results on every splice, we’ve set up a demo area in our Service Center where we’ll walk you and your team through every part of the process on the Sumitomo T-56+ – from cleaning to splicing to testing.

Even if you know your stuff, a refresher and reminder of best practices never hurt, especially if you haven’t had a fiber project in some time.

For instance, think of how important cleaning is, where something as innocent as a bit of oil from your fingertip can dramatically cut the amount of light and data flowing through a connection.

A free demo today can save you a lot tomorrow.

Don’t let the curse of knowledge lull you into a false sense of confidence, come on by and “recertify” your fiber-splicing skills. Call us to set up a no-cost, hands-on demo.

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