Fiber Optic Excellence Has a Name: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

What’s in a name? With Sumitomo Electric Lightwave... everything.

Sumitomo is expertise wrapped in history. Sumitomo Electric Industries is a pioneering company that’s not just been in the game, they’ve been defining it for well over a century. To the point that they’re the only optical fiber and cable manufacturer in the Fortune 500.

Electric speaks to the cornerstone of what they do and were built on, plus their painstaking focus on getting it right.

Lightwave is today and tomorrow. Fiber optics are the bedrock upon which modern information and communication technology is built. It’s what fuels and connects the world.

As far as optical fiber networks go, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has been at it since 1983 — being a core component of the digital infrastructure in critical sectors like education, healthcare and the military.

The ecosystem they’ve developed includes everything from drawing their own fiber — something very few companies do — to the fusion splicers that bring them together. That makes Sumitomo essentially an end-to-end solution.

Because “tomorrow” is so rich with possibilities, these guys have also created a solution that allows you to future-proof your operation with the aptly named FutureFLEX® product line. Flexible, scalable, easy air-blown fiber pathways to accommodate future growth… whatever that may look like for you.

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