Say Hello to the
ICX 8200 Line

The right network switches allow you to tap into the full potential of your on-premises technology solutions.

They allow students on campus, workers in the office, staff at the hospital and more to get the most out of their devices. Offering peak speed and connectivity.

The wrong network switches can handcuff and slow down productivity, having you playing catch up, with those negatives compounding over time.

That much is obvious.

Naturally, the perfect switch is the one that fits your needs and budget, and the ICX 8200 switch series might just take the cake.

Much faster ship time

Just a few short years ago, you could do your research, place an order and your shiny new switches would be there within weeks.

Fast forward to today where aside from specs and pricing there’s another massive variable to consider.

Lead time.

With supply chains still stretched thin, various component shortages and other factors influencing delivery, the time it takes to actually get your switches has become a major issue — lead times from competitors like HP (Aruba) and Cisco stretching to 18 months, it very well could be that your equipment will be obsolete by the time you install it. Functional, sure, but capping your efficiency and output.

Meanwhile, RUCKUS somehow keeps its lead times to within three or four months (“somehow” being that the components and chips they use are more readily accessible).

Getting gear quickly is great, but how does RUCKUS stack up to the competition?

Major stackability

Speaking of “stacking,” the 8200 line quite literally has “market-leading stacking density with up to 12 switches per stack” (emphasis ours).

The series has 13 stackable models which include those with fiber edge ports, multigigabit edge ports and fanless compact switches for in-room deployments.

If you’re configuring large, enterprise-level networks where flexibility is paramount you’ll be hard-pressed to find a stackable solution with as much versatility. And that matters because switches that can be stacked easily can eliminate bottlenecks in your network. With ICX 8200, you’ll have up to 8x 1/10/25GbE SFP28 fiber ports for uplinking and/or stacking.

With great stackability comes great scalability and with scalability comes the need for more power.

A focus on PoE

The growth of IoT and the digitalization of nearly everything means an increased demand for power throughout your building to fuel next-gen access points and PoE devices.

As we move deeper into a wireless-first future, RUCKUS network switches are there for you, delivering 90 watts per port.

All PoE switches aren’t the same though. Here’s how they break down:

  • PoE+ 802.3at – 30W per port on all ports
  • PoE++ 802.3bt – 60/90W on multigigabit ports
  • Up to 1480 watt budget per unit (with 2 power supplies)

Better than the rest – for less

You might think that new models + high-end specs + short lead times = a premium price tag. That’d be a fair assumption to make. But there’s a reason we have that old saying about “assume.” RUCKUS network switches from CommScope® are generally priced less than comparable switches from both HP and Cisco.

Let that sink for a second.

It’s more than just lower initial costs though. With CommScope, dramatically improved power efficiency means RUCKUS ICX switches consume “40% less power than similar products from other vendors.” That translates to savings on power distribution, which markedly lowers the total cost of network ownership.

Why don’t other vendors do this?

As CommScope points out “…commercial networking devices are not rated for their power consumption; in other words, they are typically not subjected to EnergyStar or similar certification programs and there is no requirement to display and energy efficiency rating. As a result, in the past the networking industry was not as strongly motivated to optimize the power efficiency of Ethernet switches…” Their attention to detail is your gain.

RUCKUS for today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth

CommScope delivers the full package with their ICX line, particularly the new 8200 models. Quality that outdoes the competition and at price points others can’t quite match. Add in unparalleled scalability and RUCKUS is tough to beat in the world of network switches. Plus, their switches could be at your door 4 times faster.

Learn more about ICX 8200 here and watch for details about our June Lunch & Learn featuring CommScope.

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