Go Next Level with Precision Fusion Splicing from Sumitomo

Want to increase your team’s efficiency while spending less on sub-contracting your fiber terminations?

Of course you do! That’s a win-win anyone can get behind, and we think these solutions from Sumitomo will be the game-changers you need.

Remember the old way, a mess of epoxy that you had to polish? The mechanical method was faster but not always field-friendly with the equipment it required. Not to mention that the very nature of the process was inconsistent and could lead to issues with connectivity.

It’s no wonder you’d outsource that. Here’s where Sumitomo can help.

Lynx CustomFit® Splice-On Connectors

These customizable, on-site terminators enable easy and reliable FTTx outside and inside plant permanent field terminations; providing consistent and reliable results with no splice sleeves to manage and store.

That also means no more pre-terminated cables, and the logistics delays that can come with sourcing them (particularly important nowadays with supply chain issues).

Here are some other highlights:

  • Compatible with all SC, LC, FC and ST style fiber optic connectors
  • Exact length with zero risk of being short
  • Less than three minutes for the entire process
  • Saves time, material and labor costs

Fusion Splicing

Fusion is the gold standard of fiber connection. Is there anything better than simply welding the glass together?

Fusion splicer solutions from Sumitomo can improve the efficiency of the splice by 80%. Yes, 8-0… eighty percent. Intuitive operation from a convenient touchscreen makes the tech approachable.

It’s also helpful that the pricing of this type of precision tool has come down over the years, which makes it more affordable, too.

Long story short, Sumitomo offers the highest quality field connection without the hassle of cable management.

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