Meet the Capital
Electric team:

“We’re not one of these big box stores where they can’t help you unless you know exactly what you want – we’ll figure it out for you at Capital.”

Meet the Capital Electric Team: Lori Garbett, Customer Service Representative

Lori’s been with Capital Electric for 20 years now, seeing the industry evolve dramatically in that time. Her no-nonsense, problem-solving spirit and wellspring of knowledge is a gift to customers (and us!).

Let’s get into the conversation.

What brought you to Capital Electric?

I've had backgrounds in purchasing and sales as well as distribution before coming to Capital and it was sort of a right fit at the right time – 20 years later and it was clearly a good move!

When I started Cat 3 and Cat 5 were the things, now we're going on Cat 7, quite a journey.

Have there been any significant learning experiences or professional growth moments?

One stands out, our project with Children’s Wisconsin and adapting a part that allowed us to keep the project moving forward.

They had to elevate some wire trays over racks and there was nothing to really do that with at the time. So I took something typically used under the floor, because many data centers have false floors for that sort of thing, taking that specific part, flipping it over and using it on top of a rack where it became a key part of the project.

Being able to look at things differently, re-engineering something and using it in a novel way is something we constantly do.

How do we fix this? What if we use that part instead?

Solutions can always be found when we’re empowered and trusted to get creative.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

A couple things.

First, all the projects I’ve seen come to life.

Helping clients with these huge quotes and you can sort of imagine the project, then all of a sudden now we're going ahead with the process – there’s a lot of excitement in seeing those things come together and grow.

Secondly, I’d say this is a dynamic space to be in, technologies are ever-changing which means we’re constantly changing and evolving to offer better solutions.

When we started, nobody was using fiber…now everybody is using fiber. It was just a long-haul thing out along the highway, now it's going into classrooms.

How would you describe the team culture at Capital Electric?

Family-oriented and solution-oriented.

There’s no “I” in team as they say and at Capital, you get a sense that everyone cares about each other and the work we’re doing for customers.

And that's why a lot of customers come to us; because they have a problem and they’re looking for the best answer to it.

We try to stand out by being helpful in that way.

We’re not one of these big box stores where they can’t help you unless you know exactly what you want – we’ll figure it out for you at Capital.

How do you personally resonate with the values of Capital Electric?

We’re a company devoted to getting it done and that’s something that really gels with me.

My attitude is to not beat around the bush, that drives me nuts, and just take action. At the end of the day, the work needs to get done because our customers and team members rely on it.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

I’d say crafts, I do a lot of crafts and my fiancé, Rick, is big on fishing so we do a bit of each together.

My gears are constantly turning, how can I fix this or how can I make it better? That's always my thing so we’re also fans of building things together.

What makes working at Capital Electric special for you?

It goes back to Capital being a family-oriented place; if you have problems, they're there to help you. I mean, the company is there to help you and just don't find that everywhere.

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