Manage Your Data Center Needs with CommScope®

Meet Propel™, the modular, ultra-low loss, end-to-end structured cabling and connectivity fiber platform.

Get the bandwidth, speed and flexibility you need to keep pace with your evolving data center demands.

Just like that cellphone in your pocket, where you’re left wondering how the heck you filled up 128 gigs (or 256!), data centers — used by your entire team — fill up even faster.

With an incredible number of configuration options and data center applications, CommScope® offers a thoroughly versatile solution no matter the size and scope of your data center — from small scale to enterprise centers to multi-tenant or even hyperscale and cloud-based.

They’ve built the new Propel fiber platform around ultra-low loss 16-fiber technology, making migration to faster and more efficient 400 Gbps and 800 Gbps (even 1.6 Tbps and beyond) deployments a breeze. They will also still support your legacy 8-, 4- and 2- fiber applications.

What exactly does modular mean though? It means scalability on your terms with duplex, quad and eight-lane deployments.

Oh, and the 25-year extended warranty doesn’t hurt.

Don’t just roll with the changes; get out in front of them! Click here for details on what makes a fast, flexible and future-ready network.

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