Industrial Ethernet
or Standard

So, what’s the difference?

Technically speaking, not much. It’s still a network connection. Practically speaking… a lot.

Stating the obvious here, industrial ethernet is ethernet that needs to function unfailingly in an industrial setting.

While outdoor environments, roadside systems, large campuses, shop floors and places where temperature extremes are the norm require stronger, more rugged connectors and cables.

Signamax’s E-Series ethernet and PoE extenders are ideal solutions that deliver peace of mind in the form of a more reliable network.

Their E-300 series boasts some powerful capabilities:

  • For local deployments (powered by AC or PoE)
    • Maximum deployment flexibility and utilization of existing infrastructure
  • For remote deployments
    • Up to 57W PoE without an AC connection
    • Deployment in the most extreme conditions with IP66/IK10 models that have 6KV surge protection
  • For extending networks
    • Each E-300 series extender offers another 328 ft (100m) of data transmission and power

Throw in support for the most common IEEE standards plus a five-year warranty and you’ve got yourself a weatherproofed industrial ethernet network that’s not only dependable but scalable and cost-effective too.

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