In-Building Cellular

You’ve been there before... you get a call on your cell and can’t take it because you’re in a part of the building with “bad signal.”

Worse yet, maybe it’s even your specific office that somehow gets no reception despite you having unlimited data and a brand new phone.

What’s the deal?

Your building is actively working against you, and your team, because building materials actually block cell frequencies.

Yea. It’s true.

Low-E, or low-emissivity glass, reduces signal strength by a factor of 1,000. That’s the equivalent of a 1/8-inch thick aluminum plate.

It’s not just glass. All building materials — brick, metal, cement, etc. — effect and diminish cell signal to varying degrees. None of them improve connection.

There’s a solution though: distributed antenna systems or DAS from CommScope®.

No matter how perfect your connection may be outside of your building, it needs help inside. DAS is what gives the carrier signal a boost and functions as an in-building cellular network to cover all the nooks and crannies. The idea is to get rid of those problem spots with poor service no matter how your space is divided — be it by room or by floor.

If your employees rely on mobile devices inside your building, how much productivity are they losing by hunting for a signal to close sales? How much revenue is left on the table?

Maybe it’s not your team. Perhaps it's customers who jokingly rib you about always losing service when they pop in.

In-building cellular delivers connection wherever and whenever needed, for everyone.

Learn more about distributed antenna systems here.

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