New Firmware Updates for Atmosphere™

Clone of Wi-Fi 7 is Coming

Using a digital signal processor (DSP) shouldn’t feel like rocket science… with Atmosphere’s audio control systems it doesn’t.

Simplicity is at the core of their multi-zone processors with everything from touchless control to browser-based programming that doesn’t require software or days of training to learn and deploy.

Their latest firmware update makes sound masking even more straightforward, making it easier to generate a sound mask, control the parameters and manage it.

Whether you’re using a sound mask for privacy, reducing distractions to increase productivity or just aiming to create a more comfortable environment, Atmosphere has you covered.

You can quickly generate a mask, control and manage it with nearly no learning curve.

The other benefits of Atmosphere:

  • Accessory self-heal – replace any Atmosphere accessory without the need to reprogram
  • Smart DSP with ambient noise compensation – digital audio systems continually learn and adapt to changes in the environment without using external microphones
  • Automated message player and bell scheduler – dispatch pre-recorded messages according to a schedule or triggered by an input device

AtlasIED Atmosphere: simple to install, simple to program, simple to manage and a far lower cost solution than making architectural changes.

Click here for a deeper dive into Atmosphere.

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