Are you getting enough (from your) fiber?

Newsflash: You need to test the fiber cables you’ve installed.

Optical loss, or attenuation, happens. Whether it’s due to light absorption or splicing, connection or bending, understanding your network’s current status is critical to ongoing performance.

Here’s why. Today’s fiber networks demand lower loss than legacy networks did. Therefore, understanding your network’s status will help you recognize:

  • What the network can currently handle
  • Whether or not you are compliant with today’s standards
  • Fix flaws in fiber optic installation
  • Optimize the network for near-term and future applications

Knowledge is power.

The FiberXpert 700 from Softing is the best and most cost-effective Tier 1 fiber certifier out there. Tier 1 is a TIA standard that measure the signal loss in a specific fiber link.

For enterprise and campus fiber networks, Tier 1 testing is a must.

The model 700 is an intuitive test kit for single-mode and multi-mode networks that lets you test an unlimited number of configurations for various scenarios. That means Tier 1 testing for the fiber you install in your client’s buildings with stored, reportable results, including continuity testing, patch cord and reference fiber testing and support for up to four wavelengths.

The clean LCD user interface shows pass/fail status in both color and text. This is good for you because now it becomes impossible to make a mistake when recording measurements. In fact, it is difficult to make mistakes at all because the device records and stores loss levels internally. Moreover, you can print professional reports and “As-Built drawings.”

Add to that auto wavelength detection, and operator error is truly a thing of the past.

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