No More Dead
Zones or Spotty Coverage

Whether you own the building or manage the property, the ability to stay connected is critical – regardless of where you are within it.

Employees need to be assured that they can stay productive anywhere on-premises. Tenants want assurance that they can live as they please (and work from home if necessary!). And no customer wants to be stuck without service simply because your office is a dead zone.

Connection isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.

Distributed antenna systems give you that capability, and CommScope®’s 40+ years of experience creating innovative in-building systems make them a clear go-to in this space.

Not only is connected tech the standard, from wearables to cloud-based collaborative services used on a daily basis, but it’s also going to become more important as the Internet of Things encompasses more things and processes.

Add to that immersive augmented and virtual reality as well remote applications that soak up bandwidth and you can see the future is going to require not just an impeccable connection, but an extremely well distributed one.

ERA from CommScope, arguably the industry standard, offers a scalable system that supports 2G through to 5G in spaces that range in size from 30,000 square feet to nearly 3 million square feet. How’s that for coverage? From high-rise buildings to shopping malls to hospitals and beyond, ERA can help you extend signal in a single building or multi-building property.

You’ll also enjoy the benefit of space savings as ERA’s head-end footprint can be up to 90% less than a typical analog system… and miles away, connected via your service provider’s centralized radio access network.

Connection is critical. Make sure yours is crisp and future ready with CommScope.

Learn more about ERA distributed antenna systems here.

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