Construction Industry Disruption

From ongoing labor shortages to questions about the future to supply chain issues, COVID has disrupted the construction industry in ways we’ve never seen before.

Construction Disruption

Here are a few stats to illustrate the point… and they’re jarring:

It’s difficult out there no matter the industry.

Ongoing Supply Chain Issues

Yep, this one is still with us. Supply chain issues aren’t resolved, and these ever-increasing bottlenecks continue to compound for contractors who need parts. Look no further than a couple of recent stories:

CNBC – Disruptions in China can lead to ‘ripple-effects’ across global supply chain, says HSBC

  • “China’s zero-Covid restrictions will impact global supply chain recovery as any small disruption in the country will likely lead to “ripple effects” across the world, according to the head of shipping at HSBC.”

Financial Times – Supply chain bottlenecks: ‘It’s been nuts’

  • “KPMG’s Higgins says clients are redesigning their planning processes to give 120-day visibility, instead of 30 to 60 days’”

Add to this that material costs are rising and you find yourself in an inventory pickle. Do you order now and lock in a decent price, but have unused supply take up space and potentially add storage costs, or wait until closer to the start date and risk long delivery times or higher prices?

Flexibility Replaces Guarantees – Storage Solutions

Given all the uncertainty, it’s no wonder that flexibility is the only way to stay relevant. Being nimble and agile while doing all you can to minimize costs is among the few paths we can all take.

For some of you this has meant becoming a warehouse for your clients to manage the overflow of inventory. This isn’t ideal since there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

We have a solution.

Let us alleviate the burden of carrying excess inventory through our no-cost storage opportunities for your orders.

Providing smart answers for today’s unprecedented challenges is what we’re all about. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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