Should you care about Class 4 wiring?

Clone of Wi-Fi 7 is Coming

Power over Ethernet (PoE) might suit your network’s needs today but may not cut it tomorrow.

Whether it’s an office expansion or incorporating new tech that demands network access (think AI, machine learning, Web3, etc.), power requirements will only grow in the future.

Class 4 wiring can set your clients up for success and friction-free growth.

What is Class 4 Wiring?

It’s wiring that can distribute up to 1,000 watts of AC or DC power over significantly longer distances than PoE – up to 500 meters – via a copper 4PR (non-category) cable.

Class 4 wiring is sometimes referred to as fault-managed power systems because a fault is what triggers a power cut, not a voltage limit, which makes Class 4 a much safer option.

Constellation from CommScope® and Real World Application

With the development of their Constellation edge infrastructure our friends at CommScope are ahead of the pack when it comes to weaving Class 4 wiring into everyday uses.

In traditional LAN/IP cabling architecture you run fiber cables from the equipment room to telecommunications rooms on every floor plus tons of Cat cables to connect all the devices and access points.

Class 4 wiring uses powered fiber cables which allow you the option to get rid of those telecom rooms completely and instead install Constellation points, or mini-telecom rooms, in your ceiling.

Use Cases

Consider how you’d wire a multi-story, multi-wing school or hospital.

A mess of cables running to potentially a dozen or more telecom rooms.

Now one main equipment room feeds power and network access to your entire building with individual Constellation convergence points in each room.

Similarly, you’ll see a massive reduction in cabling (and associated) costs in the network setup of a one-level building.

Clean up your cabling and remove unnecessary network complexity with Class 4 wiring solutions.

Discover more Class 4 advantages.

If you’re interested in learning more, swing by our office where we’ll have a Class 4 demo set up for you.

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Should you care about Class 4 wiring?

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