Cable and Wire Management Doesn’t Have to
be Chaotic

Picture this... your shiny new installation is complete.

The cables are tidy and pristinely organized in the rack — neatly tucked away and out of sight. The company you hired did an immaculate job, but now you need to install new patch cords.

It happens. A lot. You know this.

Here's what happens after that installation team hits the road. You pull off the cover, put in your patch, and then leave the dang cover off because it’s a pain to get back on.

All of a sudden you’ve got a growing monster of cables creeping out of your rack. The once pristine sight has become a hot mess.

With the VME series from Hubbell you can kiss that disaster goodbye, and tame the beast with easy access and a wildly efficient install. We’re talking two to three minutes tops.

Need to hear more? Cool. How about this?

The covers and swing gates hinge out of the way during cabling. The managers are designed to make cabling routing intuitive and straightforward.

Moreover, an open design allows for access from the front or back while ensuring cables are supported, and that airflow is actually improved.

Sounds good, 'eh? Yeah, Hubbell knows a thing or two about cabling. But here's the best thing... it's tough to beat the price of this vertical manager.

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