Our Favorite Atmosphere 2.5 Updates

Two years of development has yielded one monumental upgrade to the Atmosphere™ signal processing platform.

Atmosphere was already the de facto standard for many, but this feature-packed iteration is loaded with useful updates sourced from user feedback. Moreover, AtlasIED® didn’t lose the forest for the trees and kept an eye towards simplicity with each new addition and upgrade.

Here’s what we consider to be the top three new features:

  1. Third-party control — Committed to a pricey Crestron, Extron or AMX? No worries, you can now use those to manage Atmosphere too.
  2. Loud noise detection — Integrated into the controller, the noise detection sensors have gotten a boost, rendering that external system redundant. Receive alerts when levels become excessive by setting your own thresholds and rules. Your system volume will turn up or down based on what you tell it.
  3. Tone control added to the wall plate and virtual controller — Control tone without going into the web browser. Make your selection on the C-ZSV wall controller or on your phone (or whatever device you set as your virtual controller).

The ambient noise compensation technology they’ve developed, for instance, is truly extraordinary:

“Built into [both] Atmosphere™ DSPs are multi-patented algorithms, which enable it to continually learn and adapt to changes in the environment. Through data collected and transmitted by an Atmosphere™ ambient noise sensor, the DSP comes to recognize patterns like the need to raise the volume at a bar during happy hour to compensate for high levels of ambient noise. Unlike systems that rely on external microphones to monitor the environment, Atmosphere™ uses artificial intelligence to analyze and respond to the predictable behaviors of its users, such as consistent commands issued from an Atmosphere™ volume controller, as well as data sent from an Atmosphere™ ambient noise sensor to the DSP."

The rest of what version 2.5 adds is no less impressive:

  • Source level control added to C-V, C-ZSV, and mobile VWC
  • Video help section added
  • Speaker tuning for SHS-3T2 and SHS-LF
  • QR code dark theme on C-ZSV
  • AtlasIED branded QR codes
  • Signal indicators added to channel/port drop-down menus
  • Hi-priority indicator on VWC
  • Ability to add notes to days on the calendar in scheduler
  • Message length increased from 15 minutes to 30
  • Tone control added to front panel
  • Device power cycle scheduler
  • Source level control added to front panel
  • Improved auto-ANC performance
  • Miscellaneous optimizations, improvements and fixes

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