Reduce Crowding
with MiNo Small Diameter Patch
Cords from CommScope®

Cat 6A cables are the bee’s knees… but they aren’t flawless.

And as the world slowly, but surely, makes the move from Cat 6 to Cat 6A, surprise, surprise, a problem has emerged.

The problem?

Cat 6A cables fixed the issue with Alien crosstalk, which plagued Cat 6 at 10GbE, by giving each wire more space and then insulating each with more air around it. Doing that, though, means the diameter of a Cat 6A cable is noticeably larger than its predecessors.

In and of itself that’s not the end of the world. It becomes a major headache though when hundreds of cables are flowing into your cable manager — where space is at an absolute premium. The bigger the operation, the bigger the dilemma.

That’s where CommScope®’s MiNo6A small diameter patch cords come in… allowing you to get Cat 6A/Class EA performance in a U/UTP design. As we’ve just said, the increased diameter from a standard Cat 6A cable comes from the additional space and insulation each wire is given to prevent Alien crosstalk. That’s the definition of a game changer. But the tradeoff is a traffic jam at the endpoints due to the diameter.

MiNo6A patch cables solve that by reducing the insulation and jacket size while leaving the 28-AWG conductor size as is to bring down the overall diameter.

As CommScope notes: “[T]he plug is designed to ensure precise control of the conductors, reduce variation, and maximize performance.” In addition, and critically, “[T]esting has shown that MiNo6A cords are compliant to Category 6A performance requirements in lengths of up to 40 meters when used in direct attach applications.”

You can use these in channels with:

  • GigaSPEED X10D®
  • UniPrise®
  • Ultra 10G®
  • UltraMedia®
  • Media 6®
  • CommScope offers the MiNo cords in Cat 6A and Cat 6. Give us a call for more info on either one or to place an order.

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