Organize Your 
Cabling with 
J-Hook Trees

Like most installations, a cabling system often looks great at the beginning.

Who doesn't love seeing the bundles of cables neatly laid out in the cable trays or J-Hooks?

It’s those day two installations that can get very messy... very quickly.

If the pathways are properly planned, adding new network cables along them will go smoothly. But what if you want to maintain separate pathways for your unique sub-systems? Keeping them separate in a cable tray is nearly impossible.

Fortunately, that’s where a J-Hook Tree can save the day. It's truly the difference between a mess and a masterpiece.


They’re pathways in a flash; trees are simply multiple hooks which can be rapidly assembled and easily installed to create separate paths for your cables.

Organization made easy.

For bigger bundles, and more complex paths, you can have multiple sized hooks on the same tree. Customizing your path as you go by using double- or single-sided J-Hooks creates a truly flexible system to fit all of your needs.

But there's more... you can even color code them to understand the system at a glance!

We’re building more trees than ever before. Can this kind of forest help you?

Call us today to learn more.

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