Sumitomo’s FOX Splice Cassettes
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We often do things the old way until someone presents us with a new one.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is giving us a new way with their Fiber Optic eXchange (FOX) Cassette which includes one little design change: the mounting ears are removable, making rear loading possible.

In the past, you were all but required to install from the front since the cassettes were only built one way.

Now, with the FOX Cassette, you can load from the front and rear of the panel due to the proprietary removable mounting ears Sumitomo has developed.

Yes, it’s a small change but the flexibility is huge… for big jobs as well as in wiring rooms with limited space. That ease of installation is a key reason why the FOX Cassette is now deployed in one of Wisconsin’s largest school districts.

In addition to that core feature, the cassette boasts:

  • Shuttered LC adapters
  • Translucent dust cover with tool-free removal
  • Air blown fiber compatibility
  • Cable entry points that double as MPO adapter ports

Additional Resource: PrecisionFlex® Fox Slice Cassettes

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