Add ProdataKey Access Control Services Alongside Cat Cable Installs

No matter the project, ensuring building security is always top of mind for those signing the checks. And as a contractor, you understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

It’s crucial to fortify entry points and control access effectively; why not be the one to offer that security?

Enter ProdataKeyTM (PDK) - a comprehensive solution that allows you to integrate access control seamlessly, all while managing the entire operation through a user-friendly desktop or mobile app.

The best part?

As a contractor, you’re the only one in a position to sell and install these systems.

The power of ProdataKey solutions

Management wants to know who’s entering the building and have clear records.

Nowadays, it’s a must.

There’s no reason to leave buildings vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Think about how important that is for schools or hospitals.

With ProdataKey, you can offer control over who enters the premises and the specific rooms they have access to.

Streamlined installation

From your side, this is easy peasy because with PDK plug-and-play reigns supreme.

The system boasts controller self-discovery, OSDP compatibility, onboard power capabilities and built-in system health monitoring.

Meaning, you can set up the equipment quickly and efficiently without unnecessary complications and without much additional time.

Seamless integration with third-party platforms

Offer access control that can create a comprehensive security infrastructure tailored to your client's exact specifications.

Integrate any of the following;

  • Video surveillance from Hanwha, Turing, etc.
  • Intercom systems from Comelit, Invictus, etc.
  • HR solutions like Azure Active Directory, Savance, etc.
  • Site surveyors from System Surveyor
  • Hardware like Altronix, Vigitron, etc.
  • Wireless locksets from Aperio

True convenience comes from being able to continue using the things you’re comfortable with and making them better without complication.

ProdataKey understands that.

Simplified control with a cloud-based platform

Imagine having complete control over your access control system anytime, anywhere, right at your fingertips.

With ProdataKey's proprietary cloud-based platform, it’s a reality.

Through their intuitive desktop or mobile app, you gain the power to manage users, set access levels, monitor reporting, create door schedules and even remotely unlock doors for seamless deliveries.

Plus, the app doubles as a mobile credential, making access control even more convenient.

Software that’s always up-to-date

Alleviate concerns and reassure clients that software and firmware updates are automatic.

As a cloud-based system, all PDK updates occur automatically, right when they become available ensuring you're always operating on the latest version.

Offer secure access control from day one and every day after.

Scalability for every business

Whether you're doing work with a small business or an enterprise-level organization, ProdataKey offers scalability to fit any installation.

Easily customize your access control system to accommodate the unique requirements of each project.

If there’s ever a need to expand (or downsize) security infrastructure, it’s no problem with PDK.

ProdataKey subscription services for added benefits (and revenue)

In addition to a higher level of security, ProdataKey RedTM subscription services present another potential revenue stream for contractors.

By offering ongoing support and maintenance options to clients who choose this elevated level of security, you can build strong, long-term partnerships while generating additional income.

Why integrate this into my proposals?

Simple; you’re able to solve a bigger problem than you were before.

Comprehensive security solutions matter and they matter across nearly all industries.

Combining quality network cable installation with ProdataKey access control services is a winning combo.

The ease of installation, seamless integration capabilities, simplified control through cloud-based platforms, automatic updates, scalability options and advanced security features make ProdataKey an invaluable tool in your arsenal.

And invaluable for the clients you serve.

Why settle for anything less when you can enhance security and provide comfort to your clients (as well as added revenue for you) with ProdataKey's innovative access control systems?

Upgrade your offerings today.

Schedule a call with us and we’ll walk you through how to add PDK to your offer.

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