Start Jobs with Confidence

Here’s a little secret for making the most of the resources you have. Ready? Pre-fabrication services from Capital.

Since prices are increasingly inching up, it’s more important than ever to find ways to get the most out of every purchase. Because in this economy, every penny counts. It may sound cliche, but it’s true nonetheless.

With headwinds likely to keep putting pressure on your budget in the near term, pre-fabrication is an easy way not only to cut costs but also gain confidence from the predictability it brings when quoting jobs.


Our pre-fab services establish set prices on certain parts of projects that ordinarily might not have been as predictable.

Take speaker installations for example. Getting a single speaker set up for installation may take 15 minutes. If you’ve got 50 of them that’s 750 minutes or 12.5 hours. You’ve lost a day and a half of well-paid work…without ever installing a speaker.

Pre-fabrication service means we build and set up the units for you. This way you’ll be able to start working the second you hit the job site. In addition, there are no surprises on the back end because it’s all done based on a firm price quote. 

We’re helping you do more without the need to hire staff which plays an integral role in recession-proofing your business by helping to ensure that the staff you do have remains active and productive as valued members of the team; thereby, eliminating the need to “quietly quit.” 

Whether it’s speakers, racks or other projects, give us a call today to discuss how pre-fabrication from Capital can help you get more done.

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