Clarity Matters in
an Emergency

If you’ve been to an airport, you know AtlasIED® products.

Those messages about not leaving bags unattended – and really the entire airport speaker system – are their work.

But it goes beyond prerecorded messages. A speaker is more than a speaker when it’s an AtlasIED product, especially if it’s from their IPX line.

IP-enabled speakers let you send messages exactly where you want them to go. Why bother the entire building if an announcement only needs to go to one room? Whether in an airport, hospital, K-12 school or university, the days of sending messages en masse are over.

On top of signal isolation, the IPX series comes with an easy installation that’s tough to beat; just drop a Cat 6 PoE cable and you’re good to go with a speaker, talkback microphone, and digital display all in one device.

Speaking of that display… while we know aesthetics aren’t everything, these genuinely look great with a sharp LCD display instead of the LEDs you typically see.

And that clarity matters in an emergency.

Like in an airport, you can prerecord audio & visual messages and set triggers so they deploy automatically within your school. For instance, it can be challenging in a fire to think coherently.  Fortunately, with these speakers, you can pre-save critical, life-saving messages that can be deployed building-wide with the click of a button, including the use of screens that display complementary information.

You might be thinking, “Dang, that does sound good, but do I really have to replace my whole system?”


IPX speakers aren’t an all-or-nothing proposition. There are places in your building that can happily hum along with your legacy system — hallways, for instance. A hybrid system creates cost-efficiencies while still improving the overall communication flow.

Find the IPX speaker that’s right for you.

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