The Crucial Role
of Uninterruptible
Power Supplies.

Imagine this: you're managing a bustling hospital and a freak snowstorm creates the conditions for a major medical event that requires immediate action from the whole staff.

Time is of the essence to get prepped and communication is crucial.

As you start addressing the medical staff over the PA, a grim realization dawns – the message isn't reaching the speakers.

Power failure.

Whether it’s a school, hospital or office building, everything has its own version of a worst-case scenario. Are you ensuring that the systems you install can power critical infrastructure and devices when it matters most?

As you begin budgeting for your next project and into next year, make sure an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from Vertiv is part of your paging and intercom system package.

Reliably power communications

In the world of mass communication, it's not just about the message; it's about ensuring the message gets to those who need it – no matter what.

That means a powerful backup solution.

Because if you're relying on a mass communication system, you’re also relying on the power source that feeds it.

At Capital Electric we’ve partnered with Vertiv to provide uninterruptible power supplies that deliver peace of mind and unwavering connectivity for your communications when you need it most.

Whether it's delivering important safety info, emergency weather alerts, PSAs or anything else, the PA system is the lifeline for reaching your entire campus, office, hospital or any other public space simultaneously.

And it’s powerless without electricity.

Why you need an uninterruptible power supply for paging/PA systems

With a Vertiv UPS, the fear of your paging system going offline due to power interruptions becomes a thing of the past, ensuring:

Zero downtime: A UPS is as close to a sure thing as you can get these days, allowing your comms to run in all conditions; even power outages.

No data loss: In the event of an unexpected power loss, data integrity can be compromised, impairing your system's ability to deliver accurate messages. Protect scheduled announcements, contact info, message logs and with a UPS.

Keep equipment safe: Power surges, black and brownouts other power anomalies can be the kiss of death for delicate communications equipment. Vertiv UPSs have built-in surge protection to safeguard your gear.

Why Vertiv uninterruptible power solutions?

Vertiv’s rich history in uninterruptible power supplies dates back to 1983 and they’ve consistently been at the forefront of developing ways to keep key critical IT and communications systems online.

They aren’t the Architects of ContinuityTM for nothing.

Four decades of expertise in the field represents an unwavering and unparalleled commitment to safeguarding your vital equipment and sustaining the operations you can’t afford to go down.

Have you budgeted in peace of mind?

In this modern age of rapid communication and over-reliance on tech, the importance of uninterrupted power solutions cannot be overstated.

When the grid falters, your comms shouldn’t.

Talk to us about allocating part of your project budget to ensure that power never fails for the devices users and businesses rely on with Vertiv.

Consider it an investment in safety, security and continuity that’ll be appreciated when it matters most.

Schedule a time to chat about Vertiv.

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