March 2017


Who knows better than a skilled field technician that “necessity is the mother of invention” – especially when it comes to terminating network cables. Historically, standards required that we terminate all network cables onto a modular jack, and then use an equipment cord to connect the device. This can become a real pain if there’s no place to mount the modular jack near the device.

Over the last year, the TIA standards have been updated, and a testing methodology has also been defined to allow a modular plug be terminated directly onto the network cable (TIA-568.2-D normative annex). This is important – especially because it impacts how networks are installed, plus relates to warranties that cover performance of the accompanying cabling system.

One of the best ways we’ve discovered to efficiently install an 8-pin modular plug on a 4pr cable is with a Platinum Tools EZ connector. Not only do they make joining the two easier, they perform well, too!  When you’re ready to terminate that newly installed Cat6A cable directly into a wireless AP, Platinum Tools can help again. Their ez-EX-RJ45™ Termination System makes the process easy, with a result that is just right.

Looking for more details? Be sure to read “Direct Connect” in this issue of The Wire. There, you’ll find video and brochure links that will answer most questions. Feel free to call us, too… we’re always at your service!