August 2017


What if your office lighting system were more than a lighting system? What if your light source became infinitely adjustable and responsive? What if it evolved into a source of illumination… and by illumination, we mean knowledge. More accurately – information that becomes knowledge, which then turns into savings or profit. What if it could do that?

Those “what ifs” are now reality in more places, and changing things in some impressive ways. First, let’s consider the financial impact. LED lighting systems are VERY green; conservative studies point to an immediate power consumption drop of 30-50% when changing from florescent to LED fixtures. Add controls to the LED system – commands that monitor and adjust lighting and window fixtures based on natural light and activity – and you can easily double the savings again. In a large office building or hospital, those savings can be huge!

Here’s another way to think about cost savings: Facility managers have the daunting task of keeping the entire facility in tip-top condition, so they hire staff to clean regularly. The data collected from the sensors in the light fixtures can tell the crew what areas need cleaning, and those that don’t. If a conference room hasn’t been occupied, then why clean it? This type of data crunching provides efficiency for manpower and monetary resources, as well as planning for the future. What if you use current occupancy data to launch your next facility? Real-time information about workspace usage can pinpoint your efforts and eliminate guesswork, unnecessary investments, and expensive regrets.

Customization is also an important factor. LEDs can adjust the color and intensity of light better than anything used in a commercial space before. Sensors can also be programmed to monitor temperature, humidity, and noise levels, allowing for adjustments tuned to the individual. You will soon have the ability to adjust your space to you, so comfort and productivity can soar!

All of this sounds really interesting… but you may also be wondering why Capital is providing information on light fixtures when we don’t actually sell them. Because beyond the fixture is the network… and in the not-so-distant future, these connections will become part of our structured cabling systems (Cat6/Cat6A). Using PoE (Power over Ethernet), these light sensors will provide illuminating data to help us save precious time, money, and natural resources.


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