Single-Pair Ethernet


I know I’m going to sound like a grandpa here (I am one, by the way), but I still remember having to solder wires into an RS-232 25 pin connector in order to create a special pin-out for a client’s new machine.

Once you got the hang of it, it went smoothly. But nowhere near as smooth as what’s coming at us now.

The ability to collect data increasing at light speed, has resulted in the need for a universal way to connect these low-bandwidth sensors and actuators efficiently—meaning, cheap, fast and reliably.

That’s where Single-Pair Ethernet comes in. You already know it’s fast and reliable, now they’re working on the standards that will make it inexpensive as well. Once they figure out which connectors will be defined in the standard, we’ll be set to connect to everything IoT.

This 1-pair connection will likely power and send data… making sure the device never stops doing its job.

Below are two white papers to read to learn more: