When it comes to installing basket trays, we have all sorts of ways to help you. And great products from WBT are at the heart of each solution.

Here are a few ideas we believe you will find helpful in getting your creative juices flowing:

  1. Double Splice – Not double speak, double splice! Wouldn’t it be great to cut the number of splice kits needed by 50%? Now you can! A 12”wide tray requires only two double splices while other splice providers need four for 4” to 8” tall trays! Reduced materials mean reduced time spent tightening bolts.
  2. Rack Support Kits – Everything you need to elevate a basket tray above equipment racks is included in one kit.
  3. No-Splice Supports – Available in center and ceiling support versions. This patent-pending hardware cuts your time by 80%. Take a look at this video to see how:
  4. Preform Kits – When working with turns, tees and intersections, these kits take all of the cutting and guess work out of the equation. Simply slide the pre-cut pieces together and you’re done. Watch this video for example:
  5. Prefab Trays – Here's where Capital gets more involved. If you know what your bends need to be, send us a drawing and we can make it happen. We’ll even deliver it to your jobsite. Just bolt it in place and get on with your other tasks; easy to install with firm costs.