Part of our role at Capital is to stay on the bleeding edge of industry trends.

One that we’ve been a part of recently is the installation of OM5 into enterprise buildings.

The IS department at one of our clients has embraced this new standard fully. As the team has been working with others to upgrade their organization’s individual data centers, they’ve simultaneously made the switch to adopt this latest standard too.

They made the decision to switch from OM4 to OM5 as part of their future-proofing efforts. The team knew that the needs of their buildings would continue to grow and they wanted to ensure that they were able to support that growth in the most efficient and economical ways possible.

The Sacramento Kings was the world’s first install of wideband multimode fiber. The video above shares a bit of their story. Simply click on the graphic to watch.

OM5 fiber enables single-pair Ethernet at 40Gbe and 100Gbe standards, both of which were quickly being implemented across our client’s enterprise. It also:

  • Retains legacy application support of OM4
  • Increases capacity to > 100G per fiber
  • Enables single-pair Fiber Channel at 128G
  • Reduces parallel fiber count by factor of 4
  • Extends MMF utility as universal medium
  • Matches footprint of InstaPATCH 360DM module
  • Fits the UD and HD fiber shelves, as well as existing 360G2 and UHD shelves

Contact us today to learn more about how the new OM5 standard could work within your next enterprise project.

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