The shape and construction of a network cable is critical to its performance.

We’ve been talking about that issue for decades.

Things like knots, kinks and dents can have a harmful effect on the cable system’s ability to transmit high-speed data. The basic rule of thumb is “don’t change its shape.”

This is not just an issue when its installed. It’s a long-term issue for cables that are at the bottom of whatever bundle they’re in, too. Over time, and under the pressure of 48 or more cables on top of them, a cable resting in a basket tray can become dented or pinched.

This is why WBT invented a shaped wire basket tray. Specifically, a flattened shaped crosswire that increases support and reduces stress on pressure points of network cables at the bottom of trays. We think this is a very cool idea that doesn’t cost a dime more than the old round wire type tray. You can see more here >> or here >>

We’re now well stocked with shaped basket trays at our warehouse in New Berlin. Ask for a quote. You’ll see it’s a great solution and a great product.