Don’t Overlook the Basics

Fiber Management

Now that the use of fiber for network connections is increasing, the need to manage them is critical. It’s a good thing there are so many really good options out there!

For the purposes of this concept page, we’re defining fiber management as
rack mounted fiber equipment.

Here are a few key considerations for proper fiber management:

  • Accessibility is critical when you need to make a change.
  • Identification is important so that you plug into or remove the proper connection.
  • Protection of the fibers is a must.
  • Safety may seem like a silly concern for fiber but it’s not.

Download our Fiber Management Concept Page for a detailed explanation of each consideration >>

Why Are Different Grades Available In Glass?

It’s about the distance from point A to point B… it’s also about the money.

Even as technology continues to evolve, some laws of physics still influence our decisions. For instance, the distance between points you need to connect will direct you to either a single-mode (SM) or a multimode (MM) grade of glass.

Download our Differences Between Glass Modes Concept Page for a breakdown of glass modes >>

Termination of Fibers

Connecting a really fast cable to the equipment that lights it up is important; especially when making a connection to high-performance glass.

Fortunately, it’s easier to terminate fiber than ever before with these three
basic options in the field—each of which comes with its own advantages and
disadvantages based on performance and budget:

  1. Glue and polish
  2. Mechanical splice-on connectors (Qwik-II style)
  3. Fusion (weld)

Download our Three Options When Terminating Your Fibers Concept Page for details on each option >>