Today’s factory is smarter and more productive than ever. Factory output continues to rise, and the velocity is impressive.

The collection of accurate data at more inputs is a huge part of this improvement. No longer is production run by estimates. Today’s production is fact based and driven by production efficiencies on a real time basis. Real time means connected. Inputs and outputs are both measured and monitored today in ways that were unheard of 10-20 years ago.

And the motors that drive the production lines are a lot more complicated than their predecessors; using motor frequencies that are multitudes faster than the old 60-Hz systems of the past.  One of our partners, Southwire, has put together an impressive guide that helps you understand the many pieces in play at today’s automated factory.

Once the production machines are properly powered and controlled with PLCs it’s time to connect them to the network. A method of doing that is the air-blown fiber solutions from Sumitomo Electric Lightwave. See our past post on that topic here:  https://capital-electric.com/the-wire/abf-2/.