Hitachi Cable America has always strived to be at the cutting edge. We believe that the leading manufacturer of high-performance copper and fiber optic communication has succeeded with its Drybit™ Category 6A indoor/outdoor plenum-rated cable.

Here’s an introductory video overview on what a Drybit is:

Drybit cables are the first category cables designed for wet places and plenum spaces. Following the recent release of its Category 6 cable, Hitachi has now expanded the line to include Category 6A too.

Category 6A plenum-rated cables offer the same water and chemical resistance as the Category 6's and have the enhanced electrical performance necessary to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet. They are also verified to the Category 6A standard by UL.

The cable line’s unique dry core allows building owners to safely bridge two distinct cable environments using one single cable that is UL listed CMP. And, since they eliminate the need to physically transition from one cable type to another, they also eliminate the space, materials and costs associated with doing so.

Drybit Category 6A is available in shielded and unshielded designs. They are also:

  • Designed for wet places and plenum spaces
  • Support high-power PoE applications
  • UL verified for performance
  • More cost effective than other options


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