It’s been said that making something simple takes a lot of intelligence.

As someone who’s been described as a dull bulb, I appreciate anyone’s efforts to keep things simple!

As a wire and cable distributor, we typically haven't spent much time around the pro-audio professionals and systems. However, since partnering with AtlasIED on masking and mass notification systems, doors are opening that we never would have passed through before. Specifically, audio systems for commercial spaces like bars and restaurants, churches, K-12 schools, universities, hotels and anywhere else where announcements and background music is valued.

The challenge of knowing how to “program” these systems has kept non-audio engineers away. But that’s changing with the release of Atmosphere from AtlasIED earlier this year.

Built day one with simplicity in mind, the Atmosphere system consists of:

  • 4- or 8-zones controller
  • 400- or 800-watt amplifiers
  • Plug & play wall controller and accessories
  • Simple to use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software.

This solution is easy to install yet incredibly powerful… providing great sound systems wherever you need them.

Here’s where you can learn more: