For two years, AtlasIED has committed a team of experienced audio engineers to develop a new digital audio platform that’s dramatically easier to configure, install, and operate.

This new audio system also has the modularity, scalability, and quality performance to support a wide range of commercial applications.

Ideally suited for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, school campuses, houses of worship, retail establishments, and other commercial environments, AtlasIED’s Atmosphere™ platform comprises an entirely new suite of innovative products with host of revolutionary technologies.

Engineered to allow the use of touchless control, automation, and artificial intelligence, Atmosphere’s sets a new operational and performance standard for digital audio systems. And its components have been designed to work seamlessly together to minimize training time and installation headaches for AV integrators and reduce the learning curve for end-users.

“This product launch represents a new era for AtlasIED, signifying our commitment to the audiovisual community through a comprehensive product platform that offers unprecedented benefits to both integrators and end-users,” says John Ivey, president at AtlasIED. “The culmination of more than 480 man-months devoted to Atmosphere’s design, engineering, and execution, this platform launch and subsequent product rollouts positions AtlasIED as a leader in the digital audio industry and creates exciting business opportunities for technology integrators.”

Technologies Include Touchless Control, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation

Gone are the days of multiple users touching the controls of a digital audio system to select sources, adjust the volume, and choose zones. Instead, Atmosphere enables each authorized user to manage the system from his or her own mobile device, lending a cleaner, more hygienic approach to control no matter which operating system is being used. Setup is simple: The controls of the Atmosphere digital audio processor fill automatically when a user’s mobile device scans the DSP’s QR code. Based on settings initially programmed into the system by the AV integrator, this QR code grants access to certain features. For example, allowing a manager to modify the schedule of outgoing messages, while staff can only adjust the volume level.

Atmosphere’s revolutionary ambient noise compensation technology enables this hands-off approach to control. Built into both of Atmosphere’s DSP are multi-patented algorithms which help it to continually learn and adapt to changes in the environment. Through data collected and transmitted by an Atmosphere ambient noise sensor the DSP can recognize patterns… like the need to raise the volume at a bar during happy hour to compensate for high levels of ambient noise.

Unlike systems that rely on external microphones to monitor the environment, Atmosphere uses artificial intelligence to analyze and respond to the predictable behaviors of its users, such as consistent commands issued from an Atmosphere volume controller, as well as data sent from an Atmosphere ambient noise sensor to the DSP.

The audio level isn’t the only setting that Atmosphere adjusts automatically. Messages uploaded to the DSP as WAV files can be dispatched according to a pre-programmed schedule based on priority or when triggered by an Atmosphere input device, such as a volume/source/zone selector. This level of automation gives AV integrators a digital audio solution that can be customized for exceptional operational convenience, efficiency, and performance.

Unique to Atlas, and adding another layer of customization, is a built-in Tilter Filter™ which drastically simplifies tuning the audio for the specific room or zone with an easy-to-use feature that helps balance lows and highs.

Interoperable Components Boast Attractive Industrial Design

Products currently containing the Atmosphere digital audio platform include:

  • Two varieties of digital signal processors (6-input/4-output AZM4 and 10-input/8-output AZM8)
  • Two amplifiers (400-watt AZA404 and 800-watt AZA804)
  • Six different plug-and-play accessories, including wall-mounted audio controllers (single- and multi-zone options)
  • Remote audio inputs (RCA, Bluetooth, and XLR sources)
  • An ambient noise sensor.

As many as 16 accessories can be daisy-chained to the AZM4 and AZM8. Plus, the entire Atmosphere lineup has been engineered to integrate with AtlasIED loudspeakers; integrators can use the preloaded EQ files in an Atmosphere DSP to easily tune the speakers for the specific application and environment.

Boasting a clean, modern, industrial design, Atmosphere complements the aesthetic of most commercial environments. Contact us today at to set up a demo.