prefabricated services

If you’ve spent any time in our Service Center you have undoubtedly heard us talk about our prefabricated services. 

These days, the need to be agile within your business is more than just aspirational. It is vital for success. 

You’ve told us that the pressures of finding and retaining top talent today makes it even more critical that any and all employees stay focused on tasks that add value in the field. Any tasks that can be done off-site should be; ensuring hours onsite are truly spent as profitably as possible.

We hear you. 

Moving quickly and easily is part of our DNA. We pride ourselves on providing prefabricated services that make you faster and more efficient, which maximizes the output of your entire labor force.

Our prefabricated services turn something that may be inconsistent and expensive into a predictable cost that arrives only when it’s needed.

Fire-Resistant Plywood Backboards

  • Bare or painted

Label Services

  • Cable wraps, multiple packs
  • Workstation labels
  • Panel labels

Loaded Mobile Cable
Reel Trees

  • Bulk reels, multiple colors
  • Replaced when empty

Packing Solutions

  • Bulk packs
  • Green (unpacked) options
  • Custom kitting, including workstation packs

Rack Assemblies

  • Pre-load panels or managers
  • Mounting sleeves
  • Ground bars

Speed Pulls

  • Pre-cut cable lengths
  • Pre-labeled
  • Packed in ready-to-roll bins

Point-of-Use Deliveries

  • Product delivered to the specific work area
  • Precise quantity

J-Hook Assemblies

  • Multi-tier trees

Pre-Loaded Jack Icons

As an independent company, being smart about the prefabricated services we provide, and delivering them in ways that are fast and easy, means you can expect:

  • Better job site efficiencies
  • More predictable project costs
  • Less packaging onsite

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